Adult Sunday School Classes

Young Career Class

Meeting Time 11:00   Room 3

The Bible study is led by a combination of class members and others.  Current class leader is Carolyn Johnson who was instrumental in helping to establish the class.  Their lessons are varied but typically focus on a series.  For instance, in the Spring of 2020 the class studied the book "Parables and Passion".


Meeting Time 9:00   Room 2

A class of adults who come together on a weekly basis simply to experience a sense of community and share experiences.  The members of this class are very active in the church and enjoy social gatherings on a regular basis.

Crusaders Class

Meeting Time 11:00   Room 2

A group of men and women that studies a variety of topics and is very active in fellowship, outreach and support of fellow class members.  Bible study is in lecture format with some discussion.